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Matt Crook  Photo taken by Matt Crook

Matt Crook

Photo taken by Matt Crook

nil by mouth

by duncan graham



What holds us hostage to fear? Performance as politics or politics as performance?

Nil by Mouth is a durational event. 16 hrs, 42 mins – the time of the Lindt café siege in 2014. Part scripted, part improvisation, part rehearsal and re-enactment, Nil by Mouth places its audience inside the crucible of forces that shaped the Lindt cafe siege – the political ideas, forms of terror, its reportage, racial tensions, security measures, religious conflicts and personal tragedies and anxieties.

Under the watchful eye of the camera, Nil by Mouth runs a fine line between some of the great tensions of our current political landscape – the real and fake, spectator and participant; terror and order, tolerance and violence.

Thrilling, grueling, hilarious. A theatre event for our times.

Featuring: Matt Crook, Eugenia Fragos and Rory Walker | Director by Corey McMahon | Producer: Manda Webber | AV Designer: Chris Petridis

Currently in development